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homejarI’ve been thinking about this lately: Crunchy Nutella. Imagine improving on the practically perfect food spread with chunks of hazelnuts. It would be like the chocolate version of crunchy peanut butter. First question, gross or God’s gift to humankind?Discuss. Second question, Why haven’t those Italian Nutella maker people come up with this already? Maybe they tried making crunchy Nutella and there was a horrific food lab disaster…maybe crunchy Nutella already exists in Italy and secret trade barriers are prohibiting imports to the United States…maybe, just maybe, no one has bothered to come up with such an ingenious idea for changing an already scrumptious product. We may never know, but I am seriously considering an at home DIY test run sometime this weekend.

padmaintro1The TOP CHEF Season 5 premiere was this week. Biggest downside of not having cable: missing out on Bravo’s reality series. Luckily, Bravo is hip to itand posts new episodes online the day after they premiere on TV. Now there is no excuse not to watch. I watched the first episode of season 5 last night. Looks like its going to be a good season. Although I am kind of disappointed that the rookie got booted on the first challenge.


Check this out! Its a squirt gun made for squirting condiments. Now I am not the biggest condiment fan, but this is pretty fricking cool. I would consider putting some mustard on the top of my next hotdog, if the mustard shot out of a plastic toy gun. Even the staunchest condiment haters will be converts. Every site seems to be sold out of these guys, so you’re gonna have to win one on ebay if you really just can’t live without a ketchup revolver for one day longer.

waitress5b15dI just started a new job working at a diner this week. The reason why I was hired is because two weeks ago a group of waitresses went on strike, claiming they weren’t receiving the accurate amount of tips. You see, at this particular diner the policy is that the waitresses combine their tips and the manger distributes them equally at the end of the shift. I don’t know all the details, but this group of waitresses thought they were getting cheated out of money, didn’t show up for work, and got fired. I don’t like this policy (I want to keep managers/clowns/the man/governmnet’s hands off my money), but at this point I really, really need a job. Here is the only thing I have to say about this whole tipping waitress strike scandal: I would be willing to bet all of my tips from this week on that fact that this group of waitress, who went on strike over a redistributive policy, all voted Democrat.


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