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Tea time

I’m wondering about any thoughts or ideas anyone has about tea. What should tea do for you, how should it make you feel? what makes a good tea pot? what should your tea pot look like? do you have a personal ceremony for drinking tea? did tea give you your first kiss when you were 12? anything. seriously. I need to design and make a tea pot before the semester is out and it should have meaning! (right?) So, let me know, help a girl out, thanks!



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Let’s hear it for edible flowers

So, when you’re little and you grow up in California they teach you all about the yucca plant (aka the indian* supermarket). You can make anything out this plant.. soap, rope, needles, weapons, bunk beds, etc.  and you can eat the flowers. They have this sorta sweet crunchy lettuce-like thing going on and taste awesome with vanilla cupcakes covered in rosewater*. Here is a cool site about edible flowers and what to eat them with: http://www.herbs-teas.com/edibleflowers.html.

*the 90s weren’t really politically “correct”

**you can find rosewater at most supermarkets

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