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cornflower soup

6-8 cups of chicken stock |||| 2 cans of creamed corn |||| 1/2 cup green onions, chopped |||| 1 cup of spinach, chopped |||| 1 cup of rice |||| 1/4 cup soy sauce |||| 2 tablespoons cornstarch |||| salt and pepper to taste

1. Prepare 1 cup of rice following the directions on the package.

2. In a large pot combine chicken stock, corn, green onions, spinach and soy sauce to a rolling boil.

3. Dissolve cornstarch with some water in a small bowl. While continuously stirring, add the cornstarch mixture to the soup. Let the soup bowl for a few more minutes, until the broth thickens.

4. Add the prepared rice to the soup. Season with pepper and salt (or soy sauce). Garnish with won ton strips from the CHIX WON TONS recipe.



With this recipe, its very important to dissolve the cornstarch into water before adding it to the soup. I tried adding the cornstarch directly to the soup and the results were not good. Cooked cornstarch chunks appeared in my soup! Luckily I was able to strain the cornstarch chunks out the the soup. But you can totally avoid this by dissolving the cornstarch before mixing it into the soup.

Maybe I should change this to a strictly soup blog because I don’t think I’ve ever met a soup I didn’t like! Here’s the thing about soup: it’s easy, cheap, tasty and there’s always leftovers. And there is something I truly enjoy about coming home after a long day of class to a big bowl of soup. Call me a weird-o (or maybe a soup-o!) but I am a certified soup enthusiast. Cornflower soup is prefect for the Fall because it is hearty without being too heavy. And the green and yellow colors in the soup are so pretty! 

Is it becoming apparent that I am really getting into creamed corn recently?


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santa fe something

1 can condensed tomato soup |||| 1 can creamed corn |||| 2 1/2 cups skim milk |||| 1/4 cup green onions, chopped |||| 1/4 cup roasted red peppers from a jar |||| 1 garlic clove, minced |||| pinch of curry powder |||| pinch of red pepper flakes

1. Mix together tomato soup, creamed corn, milk, curry powder and red pepper flakes in a large pot.

2. In a small pan, saute the green onions, red peppers, and garlic for about 5 minutes or until onions are browned.

3. Combine the onion/pepper mixture into soup mixture. Heat thoroughly but do not let the soup boil.


This recipe happened on accident but it was a good accident. So quick and delicious, this soup is made for Tuesday nights. Makes me want to get under a blanket, read the newspaper and pet my cat….waaait, I don’t  have a cat! I think the soup is making me delirious its so good.

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corn chowda

3 tablespoons olive oil |||| 1/4 of a large white onion, finely chopped |||| 1/2 cup chopped celery |||| 1/2 of a large green pepper, seeds and membrane removed, finely chopped |||| 1 cup diced pared raw potatoes |||| 2 cups water |||| 1/2 teaspoon paprika |||| 1/2 of a bay leaf |||| 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes |||| 3 tablespoons flour |||| 2 cups of milk |||| 1 can creamed corn |||| 2 cups whole kernel corn |||| salt and pepper to taste

1. Saute onion, celery and green pepper in olive oil.

2. When vegetables are golden brown add potatoes, water, spices and simmer until tender (about 45 minutes.)

3. After the potatoes are tender, bring the mixture to the boiling point, and then add the flour, 1/2 cup of milk and creamed corn.

4. Let it summer for 5 minutes then add the additional 1 1/2 cups of milk and the whole kernel corn. Heat thoroughly, but do not let the soup boil.


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